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  1. Unfortunately, this is happening on my notebook too, running Win XP SP3 since i upgaraded to KIS 2012. The hardware consist of a Core 2 Duo CPU with 2 GB Memory. KIS 2012 hoggs my system without known reason several times a day with a load of 90% for several minutes during normal work. I start typing into a Word document or an outlook message, or edit an online post and suddenly KIS start with a CPU load 30% - 40%, sharply increasing shortly afterwards to a load of 90%, where ist stays then for an undetermined period of time, sometimes just a minute or two, sometimes it doesn't seem to end at all, running for several minutes in this state. During this period the notebook stops reacting or does this only sporadic. Disabling KIS during this period doesn't improve this situation. I checked all the settings of KIS for any conflicts wthout any result. I disabled idle scan already, everything else is set to "Recommended". Note: There never has been any Anti-Virus program on my system other than KIS for years.
  2. Since my earlier complain about 100% CPU usage of KIS2012 has been deleted, i will repeat it here. I did a clean install of KIS 2012 after removing KIS 2011. I run WIN XP Pro SP3 with all of the latest fixes. intermittently and without known reason avp.exe will use almost 100% of the CPU bandwidth, shown by real-time tracking, making the system practically unusable during this time. It's a Core 2 Duo 2.16 GHz with 4 GB of RAM. This will start randomly after some time and repeat itself, lasting every time 10 - 20 s, sometimes even more
  3. I can add to this topic, that intermittently avp.exe takes up to 92% CPU usage according to real time display of CPU usage for no known reasons, sometimes for minutes, sometimes for "just" 10 or 20 seconds or so. During this period the system does not accept any input or only with long delays in terms of reaction. It practically locks up the system. This hasn't happen before.
  4. Ok, i found out by myself. I removed the Kaspersky file entries from within the Mozilla FireFox Extensions folder. After that everything seems to work as expected.
  5. Unfortunately I don't understand, what he ment in the post referred to: "...delete the extensions..." ? because no further explanation has been provided. I have the latest KIS 2012 incl. the a.b. patch just released and the most current official release of FireFox 5.0
  6. After installing the patch and having the system restarted (WinXP pro SP3 booted) the FF5 add ons still don't work as intended. Using the just released patched version of the virtual Keyboard if i enter something into a field on a website using this feature, every character typed is been duplicated twice or more (2-4), thus making it practically unusable. I tried it out on several sites with (almost) identical results: on some sites it will replicate twice, on others 3 times etc. The behavior is not consistent: after entering several keys into a field, which replicated thrice, it then changed for the following keys to "normal" behavior. This behavior could be duplicated several times...
  7. Have just updated with the patch and rebooted (winXP Pro SP3), but it seems not to work as intended. If i enter a key into a field through the Virtual Keyboard on a web site, it will replicate every key typed 2 - 4 times, making it still unusable. This behavior was identical between different websites. The older version did this faithfully for every key typed.
  8. Nice workaround... But I would rather have an automatic approach, because I might forget to reenable KIS after the following boot. One never knows.... burkm
  9. Hi Lucian, deinstalling KIS immediately allowed Diskeeper 10 boot time defrag to run without problems. Reinstalling KIS afterwards let to the same problems again... no more boot time defrag. Diskeeper is delivering the message: "Some other program is using the disk. Diskeeper needs exclusive access to the disk and the MFT to continue. Arborted. Press ESC to reboot." Any idea or remedy ? burkm
  10. Well, after installing KIS 7.0.0125 nothing has changed. DkService is in the trusted apps list. Diskeeper 10 still tells me, that another program is accessing the disk during boot time defrag and stops working. So the problem still persists. Would You please provide any settings on Your side for getting the program to run. burkm
  11. Hi there, has the problem been resolved in the meantime not being able to defrag during boot time because KIS is accessing the disk ? I followed the suggestions given in some earlier post by adding DKService.exe to the trusted applications list. No success... I use KIS 7.0.123. Thanks - burkm
  12. I just made some additional observations. The load problem returns to almost normal as soon, as I either disable protection or disable the realtime kernel. At the same time the page faults stop almost completely for AVP.EXE. There seems to be some unknown interaction between those two. This is strange, because the realtime kernel generates only empty task switches right now, because no peripherals are connected and no logic program (PLC program) is been executed. Just ideling. Task switch time is about 100 ms with almost no CPU load (about 1 ms tasktime). burkm
  13. I did disable several features without any visible and obvious change in behavior. So I enabled them again to the default setup. There are some processes running linke cFosSpeed internet access optimizer, Nextfer fownload agent, HyperSnap5 snapshot tool, SpeedSwitch for dynamic Speed switching of the processor (saves battery power) and decreases heat an i8KFanGui for fan control of the mainbaoard. Both tools constantly monitor the CPU temperature and load. Last but not least a realtime kernel (TwinCAT) an PLC machine control without any program load, just running idle. burkm
  14. I had Outpost installed (latest version) before (8 weeks) and removed it, rebooted afterwards, before installation of KIS.
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