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  1. Thanks for your help. I added those two pathes in "exclusion rules". Is that what you meant ? Should I also add the path to autocad's installation directory ?
  2. Hi all ! We are using KAV for Workstations version, with and adminstration kit (version 6.0.1591). We are manly using autocad and MSaccess here, and we noticed that kaspersky used a lot of CPU when these applications where working hard on the noetwork. I added to trusted apps in the strategy : 'msaccess.exe' and 'acad.exe', and told KAV not to analyse any activity for those apps. I think it works in most cases, but we have some VBA code in these two apps that call external DLLs. When this code runs, avp.exe's CPU usage goes up to ~30-40% (on an Athlon 64 X2 6000+). The only other process using some cpu is acad.exe (or msaccess.exe). How can I prevent KAV from monitoring my VBA routines ? I think that only .exe can be trusted, not DLLs, so I don't have a clue here ! Thanks for your help !
  3. Hi all ! We are using KAV for Workstations MP3 here, on WinXP Pro SP3 computers. When the Web Antivirus service is running, browsing on pages with lots of images in FireFox ( hangs : the images start to load, but stops after some time. For example, in a "google images" search like http://images.google.be/images?gbv=2&n...tart=0&sa=N, the first two rows of images load very fast, not the third one (I just have the placeholder). After 8-10 seconds, the rest of the images are loaded. I tried to disable script checking but it doesn't help. I tried with streaming or buffer analysis, but this behaviour happens in both cases. Disabling HTTP analysis does fix this bug (even if script checker is still enabled). I also tried the same page in Internet Explorer, and this browser does not have this bug ! I have extensions loaded in Firefox, but none of them are "tweaking" extensions (maybe only adblock). Any idea ? Thanks a lot !
  4. Ooops yes, I forgot. No excuse, it's not as if I was not used to posting in support forums... Workstation OS : WinXP Pro (all workstations are WinXP Pro, i guess all are SP3) Product on the host is Kaspersky Antivirus 6.0 for Windows Workstations MP3 Administration Kit (version 6.0.1591) is installed on a Win2003 server (Domain Controller). The workstation that causes this problem is always shown as "offline" in the Administration Console. WindowsXP firewall is disabled by Group Policy. .... that's everything I can think about for now...
  5. Hi all, There are two hosts in my network that keep generating "new host added" events. I can see them in my administration group, so I don't understand why they generate those events. I receive the notifications several times a day, apparently at random intervals. Thanks for your help !
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