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  1. Well, the point is that I want to be able to centrally manage my workstations, even when their IP addresses change. If I have to manually install things on all clients, the whole point of Security Center and central administration is defeated. Don't you think so ? There must be a way around this, no ?
  2. But I cannot reinstall the Network Agent if the computer is not seen by Security Center !
  3. Hi, thanks for your answer. I tried that, but rescanning the network does not bring the computer back. I tried with the "active directory" scanning and "IP range" scanning, none of them brought the new computer back. Is there no way to flush the DNS/IP cache of the Security Center ?
  4. I've had this problem too. I think it happens when KES re-checks quarantined objects when an update is applied. To solve it, just remove the objects from the quarantine, and you should be fine. This notification should be more explicit though.
  5. We use Security Center 9 to deploy KES 8 on our network. We often have to reinstall or upgrade workstations. When this happens, Security Center keeps the old informations about this client computer in memory : on the properties page, it is always the old IP address with the old informations about which version of KAV is installed etc... If the IP address as changed, I have found no way to force an update and Security Center just can't see this new computer. It seems that Security Center caches DNS entries somewhere, but I haven't found how to clean this cache and rescan all workstations. If I try to redeploy KES8 on this computer (if the address has not changed), it fails saying that it is already installed. If I force it (install even when already installed), it hangs on "waiting for a connection...". I tried to delete the computer from the "administered computers" group, but this does not help. I also tried to rescan the network, but this still does not help. What are the recommended steps to follow when reinstalling / upgrading a client computer ? A good start would be to find a way to force Security Center to flush its DNS cache and rescan a particular computer (or all of them, I don't mind). Thanks for your help !
  6. Ca a fonctionné, nickel ! Je n'avais pas compris que ça passait simplement a SQLEXPRESS. J'ai simplement désinstallé complètement KAK8, puis réinstallé en SQLEXPRESS puis restauré ma sauvegarde. Aucun problème ! Merci beaucoup !
  7. Ah OK je vois. Je fais un backup, je le désinstalle complètement, j'installe le SC9 et je restaure KAK8 ? Ca fonctionne ça, de restaurer KAK8 là ou SC9 est installé ?
  8. Je ne comprends pas bien ce que tu veux dire ? On va passer en windows 7 pour pourvoir mettre Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8, mais pour ça il faut qu'on passe en Security Center 9, mais SC9 ne supporte pas la base de données MSDE2000 de notre Admin Kit actuel. Du coup, comment faire ? Merci !
  9. Bonjour à tous, On a un peu fait trainer les mises à jour de notre système, et on se retrouve avec des postes en Windows XP sous KAV administré par un Admin Kit 6.0 kit tourne sur MSDE2000. On va devoir migrer vers Windows 7 l'année prochaine, donc bien obligé de passer à une autre version de KAV puisque la 6 n'est pas supportée. Problème : Security Center 9 ne fonctionne pas avec MSDE2000 ! Comment on migre du coup ? Je pensais commencer par déployer KAV 6.0 MP4, puis mettre à jour l'Admin Kit vers la version 8.0, puis... ensuite je ne sais pas quoi faire ! Merci pour votre aide !
  10. Just adding "vncviewer.exe", with no path information, is enough ?
  11. Thanks for your answer Helmut. In my case, the exe is not in Program Files. Isn't it possible to add vncviewer.exe to the trusted apps, whatever its location ?
  12. Hi all ! We are running KAV for workstations here. Last week I changed KAV settings in the Admin Kit to alert for potential threats (someone had been infected by "Security Protection" and KAV did not catch it). Now, KAV is reporting errors about vncviewer.exe being a potential threat of "not-a-virus:RemoteAdmin.Win32.WinVNC.1102" But vncviewer is only the CLIENT application, there is not remote admin potential threat in this. It would be OK for KAV to report VNC SERVER as a potential threat, but why the client ? How can I easily remove this alert ? Thanks a lot !
  13. Well, I waited as much as possible to upgrade KAV because there were bad user feedbacks at the beginning. I should think about it again though. Time has passed, and the main quirks should be fixed now.
  14. You mean in the "interaction with the user" section ? That's where I thought it should be disabled in the first time though !
  15. Yes, that's what really surprises me. The window is greyed out (= policy enforced), and the checkboxes match what is set up on the Administration Kit (i.e. no notification on license about to expire).
  16. I think this article is about Administrator notifications (emails, net send), not about user notifications. It is not clear at all though. Anyway, I followed these steps but I still have the warning popping up on the client every time I boot up. Here it is (in French) :
  17. No, only for "warning event : license will expire soon". But the message I have is about the license expiring soon. It is still valid until 2011-02-23.
  18. Hi all ! I am running Kaspersky Admin Kit 6.0.1591 with KAV Workstation I am trying to disable user notifications for events that are managed via the Admin Kit. For instance, signature updates and License renewal. Here is what I did (the interface is in French so I tried to translate, the option names might not match exactly) : In my policy, in the "configuration tab" > "services" > "interaction with user" under "important events" I unchecked "the license will expire soon" and "threats signatures are outdated". The "lock" is on for this setting, so I think it should be applied. I have a client computer on which the license will soon expire, and I still get a popup notification for this event. Is there something else I should change to prevent these notifications from appearing ? Thanks a lot!
  19. Wow, you convinced me, I am NOT upgrading ! I was just about to do so without even checking the forums... Bad habit... MP4 apart, is it worth upgrading to AdminKit 8.0 ? I am still using 6.0 for the moment, and I'd say it gets the job done (not perfect, but OK).
  20. I have, but I don't like this kind of workarounds.
  21. Hi all Using KAV for Windows Workstations, latest version and latest virus definitions as of today (13/8/2009) We did a fresh installation of Visual Studio 2008 with Compact Framework SDK (for development on PDAs). Whenever we start the PDA emulation in Visual Studio (for debugging), Kaspersky catches a RootShell danger and quarantines the Visual Studio executable ! ("C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe") This did not happen on the previous installation (but the workstation was completely reinstalled), and I don't know where the difference is. For the moment, I am going to add an exception to my group strategy, but this can only be a short term workaround of course. I don't know what the correct way is to submit false positives ? Regards
  22. Yep, I just tried this, issue still occurs. I don't see an Office Guard option (I have a french version of KAV for workstations), but I have an option to watch VBA macros, and it is already off. I'll try to disable proactive defense as suggested, but this cannot be a definitive solution of course.
  23. Well, it still doesn't work. Here is what I have : - imagemagick's dll is registered in my VBA project - the dll is in "C:\Program Files\ImageMagick6.x.x" (by default ImageMagick installs itself in a different folder for each version number) - Autocad is installed in 'C:\Program Files\Autodesk Map 3D 2008' (it could be 2009, so I used a wildcard in the exclusion rule below) - In trusted applications, I have : -'acad.exe' -'imagemagickobject.dll' - In exclusion rules I have 'C:\Program Files\ImageMagick*" and 'C:\Program Files\Autodesk Map*' When I run the macro, acad.exe takes ~ 20%-30% of processor time, and avp.exe takes the remaining processor time (e.g. ~30%-20%, the sum of both process is always 50%, I am on a dual processor machine and avp seem to always be running on the same processor as the process it is watching). The line of code at this moment is simply a call to a method of the imagemagickobject, so basically it is a call to a function in imagemagickobject.dll. How do I prevent KAV from monitoring this process ? Thanks a lot for your help !
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