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  1. Removing the NDIS filter did the trick. Why the hell is this installed on XP in the first place? Anyone know of a way to remove the NDIS driver en mass?
  2. I will try removing the NDIS filter. I hope this does not work, if this is the answer I need to personally visit 200+ PC's to remove this.
  3. This gets stranger. After setting the locks and adding the subnets, it works for certain machines and not for others in the same Group (test Group), with the same policy applied. The only difference is the client machines are on different subnets, and both subnets are in the trusted zone. On one system (vista) I can stay idle for over an hour and no lose the active ssh session, on XP(1) I lose connection after 10 minutes, on another XP(2) I also experience the connection drops. XP(2) is on the same subnet as the Vista machine if it makes any difference. Is it possible this can only work with Vista? That would be a first.
  4. Thanks Raymond, I have already added the apps (secureCRT in my case) to the trusted applications and the subnets are configured as local. I will keep plugging away at this tomorrow and try the "locking" thing. Thanks
  5. Ok - Try this http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...8f03eeb812c183f
  6. The product is KAV - the fetsystemInfo link does not seem to work, and I can't seem to find a download for this... I guess I will contact support.
  7. Using KAV 6.0 and the latest Admin server. Whenever Anti-hacker is enabled, all established network sessions continuously timeout. different ports, different applications. I have added application exclusions, and port exclusions with no better result. I don't have the issue if the firewall is disabled, but the whole idea is to use the firewall. has anyone else been able to resolve this issue? Thanks
  8. I am a new user to Kaspersky Business Space, and have an issue with network connections on the six PC's it is running on so far. The pilot group is constantly dropping their network connections, ssh, telnet, ODBC. It happens on every machine with the exception of the Admin server - if I exit out of the Kaspersky and stop the service the problem goes away. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I've tried adding the subnets to the trusted zones, disabling the firewall, enabling the firewall with all access, and specifically allowing the application in "Protection" all to no avail. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks On another note, I tried submitting a ticket to the Kaspersky support and have gotten no response in three days, which I am not happy about. I am migrating away from Trend Micro to Kaspersky, and I am now second guessing my decision based on the lack of support. Is my experience typical with kaspersky support?
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