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  1. Yes, the installation made four days ago.
  2. Good day everyone, I'm using Kaspersky Pure (completely removed the old PURE w/ Kaspersky Removal Tool and installed this one). I'm having issues when I use 'Safe Browsing' with Chrome (default browser). Sometimes, after closing the browser, I get a crash report* and everytime I open the browser and go to a web page, I get the attached screen. I'll appreciate it if you could help me out. * Fault Module Name: StackHash_0a9e
  3. Greetings, I have a problem when I safe run Internet Explorer 9. When I type an address to the address bar and hit enter, nothing happens. I also have PURE on my other notebook, and when I safe run Internet Explorer 9, the close button (X) placed on the upper-right corner disappears and, safe run works. However, I cannot see the same thing in other notebook. Have you ever experienced anything like that? If so, please help me. Thanks in advance.
  4. Ok, I have just figured it out. I enabled "receive the caching data via protected channel" option of IE9 by using Browser Configuration Wizard (in the Additional Tools menu). I have just used "Rollback changes" option and, problem is solved. Thank you all for your attention...
  5. Firstly, thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, nothing has changed. Also, I don't use Anti-Banner, it has already disabled.
  6. There is no appropriate request type for my problem in Kaspersky Tech Support Request Form. They are only interested in problems about licence expiration, pre-sale questions or suggestions for future versions.
  7. Greetings, I have been using the PURE for two days, and have a little problem with online banking sites. This problem is only happening when I'm using IE9; I tried the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Chrome, and there was no problem with those browsers. Unfortunately, I have to use IE9 when entering that online banking site, b/c it only fully compatible with IE9. Here is my problem: Before I log in to my account I have to enter a pwd by using the virtual keyboard of that online banking site. However, PURE blocks the Adobe Flash Player content on the login page. When I right-click on the place where the virtual keyboard of that online banking site supposed to be, it says "Movie not loaded..." What can I do to solve this problem? I'll appreciate if you can help me out! BTW, I'm using PURE PWD Manager to manage/store my PWDs, but not for that web site.
  8. Hi, I have sound delay problem for a while. It occurs only when KIS is turned on. Some observable symptoms related to my problem: - When I log on to my Windows account, opening sound comes delayed like 30 seconds after I logged in. - When I first run Winamp and push the play button, it starts working but sound is heard like 20 seconds after song started. - When I start a video chat on Skype, dialing tone comes delayed like 20-30 seconds or does not come. - Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail sounds come delayed, or does not come. Here is my GSI repot: System Info I did some research about my problem but I didn't find something useful. They are all about soundcard issues. Soundcard is not the causative of my problem because I didn't have that problem before, I'm using my installed OS for a long time without reinstalling it. I will appreciate your advices...
  9. I finally uninstalled & reinstalled Kaspersky. Good news is everything looks fine for now. Btw, I have already had the latest version of KIS, ( a.b ). Thank you all for helping me. ! Ps. Still curious about the real causative of my problem.
  10. I removed TuneUp Utilities 2009, everything looks fine for now. I'm testing it now, if something goes wrong, I'll uninstall & reinstall Kaspersky.
  11. I've just checked the Detailed Report, and there was a RootKit Scan reported which started on 8:23pm (ten minutes ago), and it's completed two minutes ago. There three Rootkit Scans for today other this. With a clean boot, everything looks fine for now. I've just uninstalled TuneUp Utilities and I'm gonna restart my pc in normal mode to observe if there is any difference without TuneUp Utilities and RegisteryBooster.
  12. Sorry for the version mistake, it automatically converted to a default smiley. It should be ( a.b )
  13. Unfortunately, nothing is changed. Kaspersky icon is always like blinking, it's like scanning something, it doesn't stop. I'm gonna observe my notebook's situation little while, after that the only thing left is uninstalling & reinstalling Kaspersky. What is the latest version? I have (a., it is the latest version, right?
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