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  1. I had already tried the complete delete twice, then the KAV removal tool, and it did not fix the problem. Eventally did a complete format and reinstall on XP and now .227 is running OK. Thanks for the help. Dick
  2. Have now uninstalled .227, cleaned everything and reinstalled .200 and everything is working normally. Will revert to .227 when I can find out how to make it work. Dick
  3. Is there a positive solution to this problem as I too am experiencing the same problem with .227. This is a great annoynence and if I cant find a solution in the next few hours, I will have to uninstall it and try another AV solution. Regards Dick
  4. Igor How can I solve the problems I had with Tracer. In summary, it wrote the BL Log but not the GUI Log. When the high CPU occurred I attempted to shut down KAV and Tracer but the system was so loaded it would not respond. I had to power down and restart. Then I tried to send you the BL Log but could not because it was locked and still writing and increasing in size. Another reboot into safe mode to try and delete the BL log but it was still locked. Eventually totally removed KAV and was then able to delete the BL Log file which was approaching 400k in size. Cleaned everything up and reinstalled KAV but am running without the battery maximiser. Any idea's on Tracer so I can send you some log files. Dick
  5. Mike I understand the Norton problem and have the Norton Removal Tools and the KAV Removal Tool. However, I did a complete format and reinstall on Saturday so there is no possibility that there is anything of Norton remaining. Thanks for the suggestion Dick
  6. Mike Yes I do, but just in case I have a bad file, I am downloading it again. Dick
  7. Mike Sorry I should have been more specific. The IBM Thinkpad came with NAV 2003 installed. I used it for about one year and during that period there were no instances of High CPU caused by RunDll32 (excepting perhaps if a heavy work was being performed) I then removed NAV completely using the Removal Tool, and installed KAV 5 WS (think originally it was version 5.0.157) and began seeing random high CPU readings which can't be stooped without a reboot. I eventually traced it back to the Battery Maximiser Guage which loads and sits in the tray. Since I like to have the Maximiser Guage when running on battery I decided to try another AV so I removed KAV and the ADS's using the removal tool. I then loaded NOD32 and it operated fine and there were no instances of High CPU. Last Saturday I did a complete format and reinstall on C:/ because I was having network connectivity problems which we could not fix easily. After the reinstall I loaded KAV 5.0.177 and the random high CPU occurred again. Hope this explains "...everything runs normally with another AV." I have reset some of the options in Battery Maximiser and there have been no problems since. I now have Tracer running and will see what happens during the day. (it is now 7.30am in Jakarta) Thanks for your interest in the problem. Dick
  8. OK have tracer running and will wait for the next high CPU. How do I Unload KAV after the event. Which email do I send the logs to. Regards Dick
  9. Hi Don I excluded both RunDll32 C:\PROGRA~1\ThinkPad\UTILIT~1\pwrmonit.dll,StartPwrMonitor and RunDll32 The problem is still present and is coming from RunDll32 as shown in the task manager. Where is Igor, would like some input from him on this problem. I am reluctant to remove KAV and use another AV but I think I will do that if I have to as I find the IMB power monitor to be very useful to me. UPDATE - The problems seems to reoccurring much more today, and it looks like nobody knows the solution to the problem so I am going to remove KAV 5. Too bad as it seems to work well. Dick
  10. Hi Don OK, have done that now so will wait and see what happens. It is not predictable and I have no way of knowing what triggers it. Dick
  11. I have an IBM ThinkPad T41P which I use most of the time. It has Win XP SP2 with all the latest updates. It was clean reinstalled three days ago. I run KAV 5.0.177. For no apparent reason the CPU will run up to 100% and just sit there. Nothing can bring it down except a reboot or a process kill. The process that is running up to 100% is RunDll32 C:\PROGRA~1\ThinkPad\UTILIT~1\pwrmonit.dll,StartPwrMonitor which is the Power Monitor on the Thinkpad. If I disable this program from startup then everything runs normally. If I remove KAV then everything runs normally with another AV. So far I have tested it with NAV 2003 and with NOD32. While I can live without the Power Monitor, it is very useful when I am working on the battery. Any suggestions. Dick
  12. Keith that was an excellent post. Did you post it on Wilders as that seems to be where most of the anti KAV 5 people hang out. I think it would do them good to read your post as many of them project the impression that ADS was some terrible creation of KL which immediately endangered their computer. When I raise the point that there are other streams on my computer totally unrelated to KAV, they don't comment. KAV 5 WS is working well for me on 5 workstations. I have absolutely no problems with ADS. Dick
  13. A question for Igor There have been some very spirited posts on Wilders regarding KAV 5's use of ADS. Several of the regular posters claim it is a potential security threat and also that it has damged their system. I understand that KAV 6 does not use ADS. Is this because there have been too many problems with the use of ADS, or is it because Kaspersky has found a better technology so they no longer need to use ADS to achieve their peformance goals. I am running KAV 5 WS on a number of machines and they are showing no problems whatsoever. Also have KAV on one Server. Dick
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