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  2. Ho! Wow! Thank you so much Kojo+oi@ I got right the perfect information I wanted!
  3. Listen open Google - Chrome and visit some websites like : Kaspersky forum, your Webmail account,.Etc. next close Chrome and Try again the steps to recover your "Saved pages = Bookmarks" if it doesn't work continue visiting, your most important websites and Saved in your chrome Bookmarks folder : Also contact Technical support and explain the case - Here's again the link : https://my.kaspersky.com/support/requests/create
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  5. Thanks Rich, I think this was my problem in the added link. I am a custom to seeing the red K. Please answer this question. Should Kaspersky show up in "startup" under Msconfig?
  6. OoPs! rich just replied - He's faster, but I typed an answer too >> Here it goes Post back and clarify : 1) Did you install the Kis = Kaspersky internet security.. Trial version Yes-No : 2) Silly question - The PC or Laptop where Entered the activation code << is the same where you installed the Chinese & English trial version..? : 4) Try again and ensure the 20-Characters code is typed correctly Review some additional information, when activate a Trial version Link : https://support.kaspersky.com/13615#block1 : On the same link check as well "What to do in case of Activation errors" The best way to fix "Activation problems" is contact - Tech support Link : https://my.kaspersky.com/support/requests/create
  7. richbuff

    Startup Kaspersky will not load

    You're welcome. You have the current version and the current patch (d). Please post your GetSystemInfo report link, instructions are located in the second (2nd) pinned topic.
  8. Welcome. Last I heard, Chinese activation codes are not compatible with En versions.
  9. Depois de 3 tentativas ele instalou por cima e esta tudo ok
  10. So I had the Chinese version of Kaspersky and decided to switch to the English one. The reason being is that I have change reason from China to the Bahamas. The problem that has occurred with the installation. It says that Application is not activated and I have to manually activate it. I click the Activate button but it just says my trial version is not available on this computer. How can I fix this?
  11. As a side note in addition to what Berny and richbuff have mentioned. That KillEmAll program was no doubt bundled with another software program you had downloaded and it installed along with the other. But as richbuff mentioned, it can be Uninstalled easy enough.
  12. I'll leave this up to Berny or whoever else comes in. I'm at a loss really for why its working the way it is. Doesn't make alot of sense with that Encrypted scanning option. Normally things get better for -what you were talking about-, when encrypted scanning disabled. But seems to be the opposite of that, so not sure. The only thing I can think of is maybe try disabling the Traffic Processing to not inject scripts into web traffic as shown in your windows. Sorry....Besides, after I re-read my previous post, it's not very well worded and was probably hard to follow, like alot of my posts I would imagine.
  13. Are you not updating Kaspersky after those update messages? If you did they would stop. If you want the VPN messages to stop that talk about Secure connections and you possibly leaving traces behind, The Shield already had mentioned how to get rid of that message that show the message about traces left behind, and is caused by not enabling the Kaspersky's Secure connection installation that's already been installed with the rest of Kaspersky's product. So uninstalling it (Kaspersky Secure Connection), if you don't want it, will stop that message then.
  14. kojo+oi

    KISA MR19

    Hi welcome to the forum. Please contact Kaspersky Support. http://my.kaspersky.com/
  15. The only one I'm familiar with is this app for Business users, but not home editions. As far as Kasperksy keeping up with their own patches, its all reasonable for when we get them. They're done in a controlled Roll-Out fashion, but that's to be expected, and its never very long before we all receive the patches. They're not that often (several months apart?)..For virus definitions, they're done every 2 hours +/-
  16. Hi welcome to the forum. Go to KIS Settings, you will see your Email, left click, takes to to licence or trial also verify days left.
  17. In addition to what The Shield and Berny has mentioned, I wanted to mention that Bitdefender is known to not completely ''Un-install'' even after you're uninstalled it. Take a look in your Control Panel and look for 'Programs and Features', and then look for 'BDAGENT'. This is one part of the install that often gets left behind. If its not there to uninstall, Bitdefender site has a program to completely uninstall it. But from what I've seen its for older versions, and I don't know how far back it was, when you had Bitdefender installation.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Fiz isso e qdo terminou, continuou o Kaspersky 2018 free... eu uso Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits, a versão 2019 roda nesse sistema?
  20. Hi Image 1 - shows my version currently image 2 shows my changing the networking section . encryption connections scanning to "scan encrypted upon request" Like it was prior to the updated kaspersky version Image 3 shows the Mozilla Browser NOT working with that selection Image 4 shows my clicking it back to NON secure connections and the WARRING that pops up (aka the ads I now seeing on all the internet pages I visit, YouTube, TSN etc) Image 5 shows the change being accepted after accepting to not have protection, and then my browser works again
  21. I have KIS for my home computer, but a friend suggested I also add a patch management application. Is this necessary, and if so do you have any recommendations?
  22. Thanks The Shield - It took me a while to find "Settings" - but once I found it (really tiny gear - bottom left) I was able to navigate to the location you've specified. I unchecked every notification - although, nothing stuck out about the Secure Connection. However, I had already uninstalled Secure Connection - that might be the reason. Do you know if the method you've prescribed will also get rid of the annoying 'update software messages' that I constantly get? Hopefully it does
  23. Und auf dem alten Laptop ist auch Win10? Kann ja auch am Betriebssystem liegen, nicht immer ist Kaspersky der Schuldige.... LG
  24. Saludos, Quiero instalar el fix en algunos servers que tienen la versión KFS, pero veo en la parte de instrucciones que se indica lo siguiente: You must enter the password in order to install the critical fix on top of a version where password protection is in use. Specify the following command line key during installation: UNLOCK_PASSWORD=<password> Donde se ingresa esa línea de comando? en las propiedades del paquete de instalación en la consola?, y como hago si quiero instalarlo de manera local? De antemano gracias.
  25. I have the same issue today. the desktop icon is no longer linked to program. when I start the program is is off color, and my outlook 365 won't accept contact with my email host. this was all find yesterday.. Microsoft update??
  26. cdaniel

    KES 11 blocking webcam in Zoom

    Sorry, but I have to re-open this issue. We have an additional user that has their camera blocked by Kaspersky in both Zoom and Skype for Business. We can not get them to work without turning off the Host Intrusion Prevention system even if we use the exclusion mentioned above. This is still using the same policies I posted earlier. If I disable the global policy above and then go to the client and manually set Zoom in the Host Intrusion Prevention system to "Trusted" then it works fine. But on the global policy Zoom does not show up under the applications even though I have the "About started applications" option enabled in the settings specified earlier in this thread. I think we need to work on getting Zoom and Skype for Business to show up in the list of applications in the Host Intrusion Prevention system so that I can add them to Trusted. Make sense? Thanks Charlie
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