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  2. Hello, Sorry if this isn't the proper place for it, but I noticed today that our company website is marked with a grey "Unknown website" mark in search results. Can I please get my site reviewed so this can be dealt with? Here is the URL, please let me know if you need anything else. https://integrityfactoring.com
  3. Hallo, ich habe dieses Problem auch, gibt es dafür mittlerweile eine Lösung oder muss ich mich nach einer anderen Software für den Schutz meines Notebooks umsehen?
  4. Nikolay Arinchev

    Squid error after worker config

    Hi, Thank you for that info!
  5. Today
  6. a.alrakhawy

    High price for renewal, no customer support

    Hi @Mohamed Fouad I face the same problem .. very high to renew the license... no support I need to renew my license but the page I go to asking for 96$ !!!! I remember that my old subscription was 33$ or 34$ according to the price of USDEGP @ 28/6/2016 the license for 2 devices was ~= 33.2$ the renewal link wants me to pay ~=1700 EGP compared to 292 EGP two years ago .. its too much I hope to continue with Kaspersky lab but this way I will consider other providers. Now my question what do u recommend as an alternative? regards
  7. скрин любого экрана , части экрана , перезагрузка помогает , но потом снова просто черный экран

    не могу сделать скрин

    Rusus66 скриншот чего и где делаете? Опишите все подробно по пунктам. В Безопасных платежах скриншот сделать можете только так: https://support.kaspersky.ru/common/diagnostics/492#block1
  9. Добрый день! Проверьте, пожалуйста сайт http://creditanketa.ru/ на безопасность. Заранее спасибо!
  10. Welcome. Please try status Local or Trusted for your NAS https://support.kaspersky.com/13630#block1
  11. Nikolay Arinchev

    Installer.exe Parameters

    Hi, Please refer to the article - https://support.kaspersky.com/12396
  12. andreuccio76

    finestra kaspersky nera e non interagibile

    Giusto per dovere di cronaca, problema risolto. Dopo aver inviato il link del system info all'assistenza loro mi hanno detto che sembrava esserci un problema di net framework, come suggerito da Guya, e mi hanno linkato un altro get system info exe da mandargli poi il file di risultato direttamente in email. Stuzzicato da quanto mi hanno risposto, prima di farlo ho scaricato il net framework repair tool, eseguito, poi aggiornato win10, e ora dopo aver inserito la chiave l'antivirus funziona Grazie ancora a tutti
  13. DonKid

    Uso de CPU 35%

    O processo OEM.exe não é do Kaspersky. Leia este tópico e crie um relatório GSI.
  14. Leia este tópico e crie um relatório GSI.
  15. Nikolay Arinchev

    View Keeps Disappearing

    Hi, Please evaluate support help by using "Rating" option!
  16. программа для скрина находится в доверенной группе , снова не дает сделать скрин экрана , просто черный экран и все
  17. Hoy tengo la gran sorpresa de que no puedo copiar NADA en ninguna USB por que TODO queda con el nombre uuuuuu.uuu La verdad confio mucho en este antivirus, pero sinceramente quedo decepcionado que este tipo de virus uuuuuu.uuu siendo del año pasado 2017 a hoy agosto 2018 me este atacando.... Bogota-Colombia Mi correo es manueleforero ARROBA gmail PUNTO com
  18. Не очень понимаю что именно надо скрыть, поясню реализацию, уведомления KES спокойно выключаются, однако сообщения от ОС остаются:
  19. Hi, I would appreciate your help. I run Kaspersky Total Security on my Win10 PC. I store all my data on a Synology DS415+ NAS. On the PC I have mapped network drives to the different folders on the NAS. When I start the PC the mapped network drives are not accessible, the error message says: An error occurred while reconnecting X: to \\NAS\Data Mcrosoft Windows Network: the network path was not found. If I switch off the Kaspersky Firewall, all mapped network drives are accessible after a few seconds. I then switch on the firewall again. Which settings do I have to change to remove the firewall blocking of the access to the mapped network drives? Many thanks for your help Reinhard
  20. dkamp

    Installer.exe Parameters

    I am trying to install over the existing version. I was told that version 10.5.1781 can be installed over any older version of 10.x Are you saying I cannot? or is it just not possible to use an Uninstall Password with installer.exe ? David
  21. rogerchung

    View Keeps Disappearing

    Got it Thank you so much
  22. Unnamed_

    Dharma .bip

    Hello, for my case, the bandits wants 7000$ in bitcoins
  23. la versione 2019. PS E' consigliabile sempre installare l'ultima versione disponibile. quindi lasciarei attivo il flag dell'aggiornamento in automatico.
  24. Nikolay Arinchev

    Serveur administration down need help

    Hi, Please provide us with GSI log from admin server host. Thank you!
  25. Здравствуйте! Просьба проверить сайт http://www.sportanyway.ru Спасибо!
  26. yanpurvenes

    KISA Open Beta version 3

    Moto X Play (7.1.1). Заглушка для ввода пароля для приложения не помогает если нажимать кнопку домой при сворачивание защищенного приложения. И еще некоторе время не работала защита приложение если открыть приложение через многоконность.
  27. Evgeny_E

    View Keeps Disappearing

    Hello. This is a block for working with a selected objec in KSC console. If for some reason you have closed it it can be opened back by clicking oh a small bar :
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